Service Hours

The Greater Green Bay Figure Skating Club requires nearly 10,000 service hours per year from its membership to operate its activities and events.  As part of the membership requirements, all club members are required to fulfill annual service hours to help support and grow club membership.

Full and Introductory GGBFSC members are required to complete each of the three requirements for Service Hours listed below.

  1. Volunteer five hours at Skate Green Bay
  2. Volunteer five hours at the GGBFSC Annual Ice Show
  3. Volunteer an additional 12 hours for full and introductory members.  The additional 12 hour requirement can be waived if one of the following are completed.
  • Serve on a GGBFSC committee
    • Testing Committee
    • Welcoming Committee
    • Girl Scout Event Committee
    • Christmas Exhibition Committee
    • Marketing Committee
    • Skate Green Bay Committee
    • Learn to Skate Committee
  • Opt out by paying $20 per hour

In addition to the Service Hour requirements above, all members, including associate members, who contract ice will be required to complete mandatory ice monitor/music playing hours.  Members are required to complete four hours in fall and four hours in spring. ICE MONITORING DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE 12 ADDITIONAL HOURS/COMMITTEE REQUIREMENT  

Skater participation in certain events may also require service hour(s) be performed.  For example, GGBFSC test sessions require volunteer hours for those participating.  See member handbook for complete details.

All members, including associate and collegiate, may be assessed volunteer hours if the club hosts a Regional, Sectional or National USFS event.