The Handbook, Bylaws, Volunteer agreement, Fundraising agreement and SkateSafe information can all be found here: https://greatergreenbayfsc.com/links-forms/

Ice Time

Ice time may be obtained by contracting throughout the season or by paying walk-on rates.
For details on contracting ice and club policies, please refer to Entryeeze and the Member Handbook.

General ice rules

The first 15 minutes of each freestyle session is dance, moves or edgework. Skaters who have passed the senior moves in the field test may use this time for freestyle, only when they are in a lesson.

  1. Skates must be worn on the ice at all times during ice sessions. No exceptions.
  2. When you fall on the ice get up as quickly as possible if you are not severely injured. Sitting or lying on the ice puts you and other skaters at risk of injury. If you are hurt you will receive help immediately.
  3. When your scheduled session begins you are expected to be on the ice. If you are late, you cannot stay over into the next session to make up your time. When your scheduled session ends you must leave the ice unless you are also scheduled for the next session. This also applies to walk-on skaters. All skaters are to skate within the times scheduled or you will be charged for an additional session at walk-on rates.
  4. No standing idle on the ice. If you have an equipment or apparel problem, please get off the ice to make any adjustments. If you need to chat with someone, please move to the boards.
  5. No food or drink is allowed on the ice. Absolutely no glass containers in the rink area and no open containers such as coffee or soda cans are allowed on the boards. Plastic water bottles and insulated type covered containers are permitted.
  6. No ipods or boom box type cd players can be placed on the ice.
  7. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or street drugs will be tolerated.
  8. Generally, the middle of the rink is to be used for spins practice. Please do not monopolize any specific area of the rink for prolonged periods of time.
  9. Long hair or hair that may fly in your face or in another’s face should be pulled back away from your face with either various hair accessories or hairstyles that enable you to have full vision of the ice and other skaters. This is for your safety as well as all others.
  10. Skating attire must be clean and safe.

Ice session etiquette

  1. Skaters, pros, monitors, parents and guests are expected to show courtesy and respect to each other both on and off the ice.
  2. Be aware of other skaters’ movement near and around you.
  3. Use of any foul language is prohibited.
  4. Courtesy and respect for other skaters, pros, parents and rink personnel are expected.
  5. Good sportsmanship should be demonstrated at all times.
  6. Respect our rink staff. Clean up your mess, and leave the ice immediately when the Zamboni enters the ice.