COVID Policies

  1. 1/30/2021 UPDATE: Spectators:
    • The City of De Pere is allowing spectators into the stands only.
    • Max capacity of the rink is limited to 50, so if we have 25 skaters only 25 spectators are allowed in the stands.
    • Please be mindful of the number of people in the rink if you choose to spectate from the stands.
    • Rules for Spectators:
      • Masks are required to be worn by everyone in the De Pere Ice Arena at all times.
      • Spectators in the stands must social distance.
      • Spectators are asked not to congregate in the lobby areas.
      • If spectators are not able to follow the city’s rules, they will be asked to leave the rink.
  2. Please enter the rink through the front entrance and exit through the side door.
  3. There are green signs on the doors to note which to enter and exit.
  4. All skaters, monitors and coaches MUST wear a mask and social distance.
  5. Skates can be put on prior to entering the building or as of December 16, 2020, rink management has given us permission to again utilize the lobby area to put on and remove skates.  This change comes with some stipulations and guidelines.  Please adhere to the following: 
    • Social Distancing will be mandatory.  To ensure you are an adequate distance from all other skaters, please choose one of the red tiles and make that your spot to sit on your skate bag or on the floor.  The lobby has 24 red tiles that are all adequate distance from another red tile.  You may not gather in groups, no matter how big or small or whether or you spend time together outside of the rink.  
    • You are welcome to use the bleachers in the rink, again, as long as social distancing is practiced.  * The bleachers are not available Thursday evenings as Learn To Skate uses them at that time*  
  6. Orange safety belts/ribbons have been issued to all skaters to keep and be reused . These are to be worn when the skater is skating his/her program to their music. If your skater needs a replacement belt, these are located in the bag with the cleaning spray/wipes.


  • What do I do with the Ice Monitoring emails?
    • First of all, Thank you for volunteering as Ice Monitor for the GGBFSC (Greater Green Bay Figure Skating Club). We rely on volunteers to keep the ice open and safe for our skaters. Thank you for helping us.
    • To ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all, and that your volunteer time is counted, please do the following as noted with the roster sheets email, you only need to reply with one email at the end of your session to note which skaters were present/absent for your session. Since we no longer have the paper for you to sign this reply is how your volunteer hour is documented.
      • Your reply should read:
        • “all skaters present for the _____ session on __(date)____” and sign with your + your skater´s name… and sign with your + your skater´s name. 
        • “all skaters except _________ were present for the ____ session __(date)___” … and sign with your + your skater´s name. 
  • Skate GB is cancelled. My committee isn’t meeting. How do I complete my volunteer requirements?
    • As a result of all of the events that we have had to cancel these past several months, the Board has decided to reduce the required 12 volunteer hours &/or committee requirement to 6 hours.
      • In addition, these 6 hours can be met by ice monitoring. To clarify, the required 4 ice monitoring hours are still required.
    • If your committee is not meeting this year, you might want to consider fulfilling that requirement by completing 6 additional ice monitoring hours by June 30, 2021.
    • Please note: This change is only effective for this 2020-2021 season ONLY!