General Testing Information

United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) specifies a testing system that qualifies skaters to compete at various levels.

A skater must be a member of the Greater Green Bay Figure Skating Club or other USFSA club in order to take these tests.

Tests are a requirement for competition; skaters pass certain tests to be eligible for particular events. However, the testing system may also be used by skaters who do not compete, as a means of measuring personal progress.

The tests consist of required elements that a skater must perform before a panel of judges. Judges mark each test as either "pass" or "retry." For a test to pass, the single lower-test judge, or two judges out of the panel of three, must mark the test as passing.

If the majority of the judges mark the test as a retry, the skater may take the test again after twenty-seven days. In testing, skaters' skills are judged against a clearly outlined standard, rather than against the performance of other skaters.

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A skater's coach will suggest when the skater is ready to test and will give him or her an application form. The final decision about a test is ultimately made by the coach, skater, and parent together. However, your coach will know best about the expectations of the judges and the likely outcome of your test.

The application form must be completed and returned with the appropriate fees to the test chair by the required deadline. The following is a brief summary of testing information; however, the USFSA rulebook (updated annually) should be consulted for the most accurate and current information on tests.

Skaters must be in "good standing" in order to test, which includes being up to date in ice payments and service hours.