Membership Types

Home Club Membership

GGBFSC home club membership is open to anyone with an interest in figure skating. Annual membership fees include membership to GGBFSC from July 1 through June 30.

Memberships are not pro-rated, as the USFSA does not pro-rate their membership fees. Skaters must have a U.S Figure Skating membership to skate on club ice time.

Dues are used for USFSA fees and operational expenses for the GGBFSC. Membership allows a skater to purchase club ice.

 Associate Membership

Available to members of other clubs who have a current USFSA membership number from that club.


Membership Fees

 Full Member - $125

Additional Family Members - $85 for the 2nd, $50 for 3rd

Introductory Member - $60
          (must never have been a USFSA member before)

Associate Member - $50
          (must have primary club membership elsewhere)

Collegiate Member - $100 for 4 years

Summer Limited Member - $50
           (must have primary club membership elsewhere,
             may only contract for summer ice)