All GGBFSC members are required to complete
two requirements for service hours:

1. Volunteer at Club Events

  • 5 hours at Skate Green Bay 
  • 5 hours at the GGBFSC Annual Ice Show

2. General Volunteer Hours

  • 12 hours/year (full and introductory member)
  • 6 hours/year (associate members)


  • Serve on a GGBFSC committee (see options to the right)



Available Committees

  • Testing Committee
  • Mentoring/Welcoming Committee
  • Girl Scout Event Committee
  • Christmas Exhibition Committee
  • Website/Calendar/Newsletter Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Basic Skills Competition Committee
  • Ice Contract Coordinator
  • Billing Coordinator
  • Board Member* (elected position)

Event Service Hours

Skater participation in certain events may also require
service hour(s) be performed.

GGBFSC test sessions and GGBFSC basic skill competition
require volunteer hours for those participating in the event.

Event Number of Hours
Any participating test session

One Hour

Basic Skills Competition

One Hour

Ice / Music Monitor

Four - Fall
Four - Spring